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We are new Shelby users and are trying to determine what the best method is dealing with adult children listed under parents as it came over from our old system.  We think they should be listed as a separate account.  What is the best way to go with this?

  • We had the same issue when we converted. We created a new Family Role for "Adult Child" b/c you can only have one adult female and one adult male in a household. We mark the students such when they graduate HS, so basically, age 18. We leave the adult children with the family unit until we have notification that they have their own place.

    One primary reason for this is that we do not track worship attendance per individual, only through head counts, therefore, there are times we are not sure who is active and who is not. We go through periodically and check certain features on a profile and inactivate if there is no activity in those areas. Once we move the adult child from the family profile, we attach them back to the family through the Relationships.

    Another reason for leaving the adult child with the family is that it makes it easier for mom or dad to register the young adult children for things they continue to do at church as a family b/c all family members pop up for selection in the event registration web piece as long as they are still within one family unit. Hope this helps. :)
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