Electronic Signature (liability waivers specific)

Our youth director is very passionate about allowing electronic signatures (DocuSign or the like) as it pertains specifically to liability waivers. The process at our church currently is that any youth attending any of the variety of off-site events has to fill out a laborious two page waiver for EACH event (outside of the venue specific waivers). This has created in issue where it makes it really hard for youth to invite their friends who are not yet affiliated with our church to an event at the spur of the moment. The youth department has actually has to send kids home from some of the events because they don't have these waivers. 

I would love to know what anyone else is using. It would be a bonus if it could integrate with Arena, but I think he'd be willing to look past that just to get an easier process.

Thanks in advance!

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  • Would also love any additional info. you have on this.  We also partner with KFS and can reach out to them as well.  On another note since you mentioned youth--we don't want to require parents to continually fill out paper allergy/medical/epi-pen forms for each event if their student has attended let's say within the last year.  We do ask for that info. on the registration form but the paper forms are much more detailed, i.e. what to do if your student has a reaction to something, doctor signature for epi-pen form and steps to follow prior to administering epi-pen, etc.  How do you handle that?  

    Wendy Zwart


    Christian Fellowship Church

    Ashburn, VA

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