This just came across my radar today.  Has anyone ever heard of it or uses it? 

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  • I evaluated it a couple months ago.  During our demo I remember my impresion being that it was surprisingly limited in what it could do.  It was mostly just a way to pass along a form to a chain of people rather than having the powerful branching workflow functionality I was hoping for.  Also, (unfortunately) after receiving the demo, the rep never followed-up with me about some questions I had that she couldn't answer nor did I ever hear back from them again.  Of course I would have contacted them if I was impressed with the product but that wasn't the case.

    I also realized that for most things we want a workflow for, the systems we use usually already has a good electronic workflow built-in.  Things like cjones uses it for, we mostly already have in the system we're using for those tasks.  (i.e. purchase orders - Shelby Next Financials, time-off requests - TimeClock Plus, work orders - Spiceworks and/or eSpace).  It's much better to have your workflow already in the system where the data ultimately needs to be.  As I was evaluating KissFlow I realized it would actually make most of our processes take more steps rather than less.

    Get a demo and keep these things in mind as you think about whether it would be a good fit for your teams.

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