Web Prospects?

We are trying to use the online registration feature for events and getting a lot of "Web Prospects". 

What are these and why are they generated and what do we do with them. 

I originally thought a web prospect was a person who registered for an event via the members portal but was not already in the database, however, there seems to be a lot of existing members that are showing up as web prospects. 

I assume we can merge the records but that's not practical since it involves several steps and we have to do each record individually (we have several hundred web prospects)

Would appreciate any suggestions. 



Arena Select Self Hosted 
Version 2100.3.100.32241

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  • Dan, 

    The phenomenon of web prospects being created through the web portal can be irksome at times.
    However, you can leverage lists to speed up the merge process.

    The steps described in http://community.shelbysystems.com/arena/m/tech_papers/24852 allow you to add a field to list results that shows all of the possible duplicates for a selected record.
    Once the field added you can make a list that looks for all current web prospects and displays a link to show duplicates.

    Duplicates are listed based on:
    Partial First/Nick name and Last name
    Phone numbers

    Based on the results you can merge the duplicate records or, if the record is a new person, change the member status to visitor.

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