Running a contributor list include names of spouses

I have been trying to find a way to create a contribution list that includes the names of spouses.  Speaking with a Shelby representative, I should be able to do this using the Contribution Analysis report, but it is not working correctly.  This report would be so beneficial when I want to send a mailing out to all contributors, including both spousal parties.  Also, it would nice to be able to add spousal names to any list in Lists.  For example, if I wanted to send a mailing to all people from a specific tag.  It would be nice to create a list including spouses.  It seems logical to add name of spouse as one of the criteria.

Has anyone found a way to add spouse names to a list?

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  • This is very helpful! I went the route of creating a stored procedure to use with the Report Grid from SPROC to get spouses combined correctly for contribution lists. I will use the information here to get our lists configured properly too. Nice to have everything work properly.

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