Who is using Serving through the Member Portal?

We are just beginning to head into using the Member Portal.  I am working on Serving  and would love to see other churches that use the Serve feature in the Member portal to get people to sign up.  I am visual and would love to visit your site to see for myself and get some ideas. 

Thanks for any help and suggestions!

  • We started using the Member Portal last fall with just the profile and giving sections.  We are looking to include the serving module this year to replace a wide range of third party software tools.  Happy to share ideas as we get closer to making it a reality.

  • I've been slowly adding in more and more content. Haven't got to serving quite yet. We are slowly implementing to not overwhelm staff. If you want any ideas visit centralwesleyan.org

  • We started flushing this out a bit last fall 2017.  Now we are using it to run our Church Picnic event and another ministry is looking to help test and flush things out.  Live use is always difficult when first using any features.  The signups for the picnic have been going well.  The serving page is still hidden so they need the exact link to find it.  Also we have required a login in order to access the page.  So far so good.  The staff member which is using the Volunteer Tracking module is doing well with it.  The other ministry will be run a volunteer.  He is a "computer person" so hopefully it will be a success as well.  Our responsive portal is still pretty much only using the standard CSS.  Not the best but works for now.

    Here is the site.  https://arenaweb.spanishriver.com/default.aspx?page=3510   Using the Critical Serving module which was supposed to drop the Serving Tags once the minimum required is reached.  Despite working in testing the module is now longer dropping them.  Did look at adding a preconfigured / prefiltered page with an auto click for the Serving Op Search page.  However, there is an issue with Javascript and IE (and Edge) when clicking the back button. Firefox, Chrome (Windows or Mac) and Safari are fine though.

  • We've been using it for about a year and a half.  Here's ours.  You need to log in to see some of the details. 


    I can help you with some of the background stuff if you'd like (configuring the lookups and what boxes to check when you set up your serving tags.)  We are NOT using the Volunteer Tracking/Service View, however.  Just the direct sign-up into serving tags.

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