Self-Hosted vs Cloud-Hosted


We are currently self-hosted, but are having issues with connectivity and server overloads.  We have problems connecting for check-in, and overloads when we have sign up for groups in Arena.  I'm thinking these are all issues having to do with our particular server.  Does anyone else have these kinds of problems being self-hosted?

I'm also curious what people's experience has been with cloud-hosting?  Any issues?  How does support handle any issues that come up?  Any connectivity issues?

I appreciate any and all input!  Thanks in advance!

  • Our self hosted system has issues as well.  Recently we have deployed test servers in the cloud and everything is working except printing labels for checkin (but I understand that we can get around that) In my limited testing, the cloud environment seems to perform much better. We have about 7000 on a Sunday between 3 campuses.

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