Strange Arena speed issue

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my Arena account slowed to a crawl (20-30 seconds to load any page just in Arena). The puzzling part is that it is only affecting a few people. After a day and a half of IT running every potential program it could to fix what was initially thought to be a network issue with my Active Directory account, we were still nowhere. So, on a whim and out of ideas, we decided to add my security access and Active Directory login to my test account. It moved at the speed of lightning. So, there is something on my Arena record (and similarly on the others affected) that is slowing Arena down to pretty much and unusable speed. Has anyone else experienced this? We upgraded 5/20 to 2200, but the speed issue just started on Wednesday morning. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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  • Has anyone found a resolution to this problem? I have an open case file,634593, with Arena support and so far no answer. Our full backup maintenance plan reorganizes and rebuild indexes nightly. I have no Subscribed Tags on my Arena home page although i do have Subscribed Assignments. For testing i changed a user from AD to Database authentication and response time was back where it used to be with no delays. So I definitely think the problem is more Authentication oriented and probably slanted toward a Windows Server update my guess...

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