Strange Arena speed issue

A couple of days ago, I noticed that my Arena account slowed to a crawl (20-30 seconds to load any page just in Arena). The puzzling part is that it is only affecting a few people. After a day and a half of IT running every potential program it could to fix what was initially thought to be a network issue with my Active Directory account, we were still nowhere. So, on a whim and out of ideas, we decided to add my security access and Active Directory login to my test account. It moved at the speed of lightning. So, there is something on my Arena record (and similarly on the others affected) that is slowing Arena down to pretty much and unusable speed. Has anyone else experienced this? We upgraded 5/20 to 2200, but the speed issue just started on Wednesday morning. Any feedback would be appreciated.

  • Could be completely unrelated but I'm throwing this out there to add to the thread in case this ends up being the root cause for anyone else.

    After blowing up everything on the planet (I was even to the point of doing packet sniffing/traces from the web server) I finally identified the root cause of this issue in our environment to be the KFS Control Launcher. This would only apply if you are a KFS customer and potentially one who does not update their stuff regularly (we don't as we haven't migrated their products to full production use). Interim Solution was to change security on that module (under Template > for us 'Arena Basic' > Bottom Content > KFS Control Panel Launcher > Security > remove all roles :)

    Background - issue just popped up this morning. Arena admin reported extremely slow load times for all pages and tabs. Confirmed that I experienced same issue on and off site. Tried: reindexing the entire database, reindexing the login tables, checked server performance, space, etc., restarted web and database servers, reset all the switches between our firewall and device ports, took SQL profiler logs, packet traces, etc. like I said 'blew up the planet', lol. Found that it was potentially related to login - had different users login on the same PC and experienced extremely different results. Tested setting a user account to having the Arena Administrator Role = very slow; removed that role from same user = fast as expected. Tested Admin account on mobile portal = fast.

    Determined issue likely tied to role on main Arena portal. Looked at what might be on every (or most) page in Arena that only Arena Administrators have access to and identified the KFS Control Panel Launcher (icon on top right). After some hunting to find out where to access it, removed all security roles from it to test, forgot that my account was a 'Global Administrator' which means "too bad for you honey, you most absolutely will pull all controls on every page regardless of security" and tested with another staff member who is in the Arena Administrator Role. Wala! Problem solved. Apparently it was making some call on every page load and either they changed web service, servers, etc. which made it timeout every load. We haven't updated anything related to KFS in about 6 months and are still on Arena 2100.2.101 so this may not apply to others who are experiencing the problem. I thought the rundown on how we identified the cause/fix might benefit others either way.

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