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Question about the grade field.  What table is it stored in?  I am having an issue where on the person's detail page, the person says that they are in 3rd grade - we have already promoted grades.  But when the label is printed for them, it still lists them as being in 2nd grade.  I have back tracked through the tables and fields.  The label is pulling from a view named chkn_v_checkinLabel and the item named grade_description.  When I run a query on this particular boy out of the view chkn_v_checkinLabel, the grade_description is 2nd grade, but again, we have already promoted and the grade field on the person detail page says 3rd. Help me understand!!


Kristen Rogers

Parents Reply
  • is correct. Your tag names are static and have no connection to the Grade field on their record.

    Our High School ministry promotes everyone first moving Seniors into a temporary tag called Summer Seniors. Then they bulk update Seniors out of that tag and Juniors into the Seniors tag. Then Juniors are removed from their tag and Sophmores moved up. We do this all the way down the line until we get to our preschool and younger kids. Those kids are moved individually based on milestones (crawling, walking, etc) or age.

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