Arena 2200.100

In Arena 2100, If desired, a user could search for all individuals with a first name of "John".
Or, only the last name - or use a combination of first name / last name.
The user could toggle between the options by clicking "Swap" in that area.

We just switched to version 2200 and one our users reported a problem searching for an individual.
She knew the individual's first name was "John" but wasn't certain of the last name.
She couldn't find the record (I used SSMS to find possible matches).

In 2200 I can't determine how to search using only the first name.
If I input "John" and search, individuals with a last name of John are displayed.
Using the wildcard ( % )  does not change the results.
I can use something like "John S" to view all individuals with "John" as the first name, and a last name starting with "S".
But, I can't determine how to search for individuals using only the first name.

How can a user search for individuals using only a first name of "John"?
Is there a way to enable the "Swap" functionality that existed in Arena 2100?

My apologies if the answer is obvious, and Many Thanks
Wendell Baskin
1st United Methodist - Fort Worth

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  • Thanks, everyone.

    Our folks were familiar with the separate first name / last name fields.
    Using the one field may be different for them, but they can certainly learn a (slightly) different process (I did !).


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