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Our Mailing app is broken and support has been unable to help us get it up and running. We need to send out contribution statements but I can't get our custom giving report to work with Report Registration. I've tried looking at things like the 5 fund report to see why that one works but our existing one doesn't. Is there anyone who has used this that can give me some pointers?

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  • Sorry to hear you're having issues with the Mailing App. Email me tomorrow and I'll see if we can connect and figure out what's going on.

    Are you trying to print or email statements? If print, bulk mailing? 

    If email, you can use the Email Statement module under Contributions to configure the email statements to be sent via the agent. If not bulk mailing, you can generate your statements directly from Reporting Services.

    Either way, email me and let's get your problems with the Mailing app resolved. 

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