Preschool Tuition Payments

We are starting a Preschool in the fall and are trying to figure out the best way to collect tuition.   We have Arena membership and V5 Financials.  Is there an easy way for parents to submit tuition payments.   The payments should be the same monthly except for a couple reasons: late pick up fee, activity fee that is assessed twice a year.  Any suggestions would be great.  


Charlene Smith
Database Coordinator
St. Andrew's UMC
Omaha, NE 

  • For a while I had some custom code that allowed parents to login to a special member portal of Arena and see their tuition transactions from Shelby v5 AR and make a payment using a special instance of the giving module.  It worked fairly well for a few years with the occasional hiccup.

    We then looked into TADS, built specifically for school billing and it's been a perfect fit.  Best part - it's free.  They just charge a reasonable fee to parents who chose to make online payments that year.  But, it's free for the school to handle all billing, and free for parents who choose to write a check.

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