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We are just now attempting to use the small group leader tool box.  We don't have a IT person on staff, so I'm limping along the best I can!  I have figured out how the small group leader can check attendance and it automatically record to the occurrences for that group.  I have been asked the following questions, which I have absolutely no idea about:

(1) Can Arena automatically send an email to the leader each week reminding them to take roll?

(2) Is there ability to upload resources for leaders (study notes, etc.)?

(3) Is there a way to embed a group finder in the church's current website? 

I know these are basic questions, but again without an IT person on staff I am doing the best I can!!  Thanks for your help!

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  • For #1, yes Arena can send out reminder emails after you set it up. Under Administration/System Emails/ Agent I SC Attendance Reminder (I believe this is Arena's and not my IT Guy setting this up).  Once you have the content of the email created and saved. Then set up all your Small Groups in Groups/Small Group Structure/ Each Small Group is listed (with the DAY they meet on). Last thing would be to go Under Check-in/Attendance Type Categories/create Attendance Type (for each Small Group) & Frequencies of the Occurrences (I set up one for each day of the week, linking Small Group Attendance Type meeting on Monday with Monday frequencies & etc for other days). I have check-in start and end times at 1am-4am on the DAY their groups meets, so if they didn't want to wait for the email they would be able to post attendance through Small Group Leader Toolbox. However, if they don't post attendance by the end of that day the System Email will go out to the person in the Group Leader Role of that Small Group. If the occurrences are not being generated it will not send out the reminder email.

    For #2, we send out an email through Arena to everyone connected to a Small Group with attachments of study notes and etc. We are a one church multiple locations, so I even set up a multiple Public List that each Admin could send out to their specific location Small Groups members their specific study notes from their Pastor along with one for the complete network of Small Group Members.

    For #3, my IT guy set that up to connect to our website. I just know that if a Small Group is listed Private or reached the max members allowed it will not show up on the Group Finder locator.

    I hope that helps and explained it enough to not confuse you.  Once you have it set up it's pretty easy to manage when you have certain times of Small Groups starting, ending or restructuring. 

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