Group levels

We are very new and still playing in the sandbox. I know that the groups have up to 5 levels yet when I set one up that way, it let me add a sub level under it but I can't add any people to it. When I changed it from "5 level" to "small group" on the parent  group, it allowed me to add people but I can only go out 3 levels. What am I doing wrong?

  • Groups can be confusing, which is why I generally try to avoid them and use Ministry Tags instead, unless there's a feature in Groups I really want to use.

    In Ministry Tags, you create levels on the fly and have ultimate flexibility.  I would just try to only put people in the lowest level of your tag structure.  Tags will allow you to put people anywhere, but they will kinda get lost if your tag also has child/sub tags.

    With Groups you have to setup the number of levels in Small Group Structure under Administration.  Once you have a Cluster Type setup the way you want there, you can select that Cluster Type in the top level of the Tree Structure in Groups to get the right number of levels and other settings.

    There's a Groups tutorial video on the community that you may find helpful.  It was done on an older version of Arena, so it will probably look a little different, but I believe that functionality is pretty much the same.

    I hope that helps.

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