Office 365 Email Authentication Guide

We have used Office 365 for several years, but this summer we went to being hosted and found our email authentication was set in Arena to our old onsite exchange server. We've had a rough road getting things switched over properly for something that really is a simple process. If you are thinking about going to O365 or are trying to get set up here is what I learned.

Before you start make sure you have a Licensed O365 User (an E2 level license is fine) email account (password must be known) that represents your church organization to the public.

Arena - Administration - Email Configuration

  1. Email Provider - select Office 365
  2. Username - email address for the licensed O365 user
  3. Password - password for the licensed O365 user
  4. Organization Email - same email as listed for the Username
  5. Organization Email Name - is the same as listed in your Organization Settings
  6. Advanced Settings - we have our email batch size set to 30 and Pause Duration at 60000

Arena - Administration - Organization Settings - all email settings are handled through the Email Configuration page except for SmtpFromDomain. It may already be set correctly, but is good to check.

  • Enter just your church domain
  • Example, ours is
  • Do NOT add the @ symbol to your domain

Microsoft 365 admin center - under each Active User (staff person who emails out of Arena) account under Mail Setting, Mailbox permissions - Send AS  add your church's organization email address entered in your Email Configuration

There is a super quick and easy way to do all your staff members at one time! Click on Admin centers and open Exchange and select recipients.

  1. After highlighting one user hold your Shift key and select the whole list or use Ctrl to select random users from the whole list to highlight everyone who should be updated.
  2. When they have been highlighted a new option will appear in the right window pane at the very bottom, More options... open the options
  3. Select Add under Mailbox Delegation
  4. Hit the + under the Send As option (top option) and add your organization's email address
  5. Save

That is it. I hope it goes very smoothly for everyone after me.

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