Event Registration - Can we change the default when having multiple payments?

I think the answer is no to this but wondering if anyone has other thoughts.  I am using Event Registration for our Mission Trips so people can sign up.  The trip cost is $700 and there is a $100 deposit that is required at the time of registration.  I set up the event so that the $100 is due already but then have scheduled monthly payments that have due dates starting in February.  Of course the system automatically selects all payments so when somebody registered they have to unclick all the monthly payments and we have had MANY people just click through unintentially paying the entire trip.

As you can imagine, this is quite the headache around the holidays.  People determine that they didn't want to pay the full amount and we have to refund THE ENTIRE AMOUNT and then they have to go back in and unclick all the payments to just have the deposit.  I am looking for a better way!  Any thoughts on this?

  • Why not use the mission trip modules to allow someone to register for a trip? It provides a good number of settings for dealing with deposits.

    We don't personally use it  for signing up because we have a vetting process that we like to go through first but we do use the missions modules to build out all our trips and people and use the trip giving and online giving as options for people to pay as they go which has their own due dates for deposits etc. It causes a little more work on the back end because we have to reallocate money to the person from online giving to the right person in the trips but our contributions people have it down pat now.

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