Your church and Food Banks - What do you use to track your requests and people?

We have a pretty extensive food distribution program here.  The pastor who oversees the program and I have worked to put in a lot of custom fields to track individuals, and can actually produce the 2nd Harvest Monthly report directly from our data.   He is asking if there are other churches with large food distribution programs.   If so, do you use Arena to record info, or another program?   We would love to know.

Steve Hutson
Big Valley Grace Community Church
Modesto, CA  96361

  • Similarly, we have what we call a compassion ministry for helping people out with food, money, and various handyman type projects.  We track all that in assignments.  Each request for help is entered, and custom fields are used to track things like approval, completion, and follow-up.  We have a Report Grid From Query module on each record to list the help received.  The people administrating the ministry liked it so much, they entered a few years of back-log data to see a more complete history.

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