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What options are available for receiving an email when a particular tag is added or updated? More broadly what options exist if any for receiving an email when a people field such as member status is changed?

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  •  That is a wonderfully thorough write up of Assignments. I thought I might add one piece of information to it for those who are diving deeper into assignments. It is in reference to your bullet point in your "CANNOT" section. 

    • Use 'if / then' logic to branch to different workflows.

    While it is true that you cannot branch to other workflows, if you can keep your wits about you, you can actually create a multi-path assignment workflow. One of the key elements to pull it off in the "out of the box" parts of Arena is the "Set State after Testing Field". If you can manage to use Custom Fields to flag assignments the way you desire, you can use the "Set State after Testing Field" action to jump to a specific state based on the value it reads for that custom field. If you want to get super crazy, at the last church I worked at, I built a ridiculously complicated workflow with lots of potential paths, and used SQL jobs running independently of the Assignment process to go and set the custom fields via SQL so that the next time the Assignment agent would run, all the custom fields would be where they needed to be. You could also fine tune this by synchronizing when your job would run with when the assignment agent would run. 

    This is definitely not for the beginner just starting to use Assignments, but for those who have started to push it a bit, it can be done . And if it can't, well you can always "phone a friend" for help (wink, wink).

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