Small Group Leader Toolbox and Attendance Report

HI, Does anyone know if there is a way SGLT will connect to attendance and send the SGLeader a report when a member has missed three times in a row?

  • That is getting very fancy. To do that, you would basically need to look at having someone build you a custom Arena Agent that would do the automated emailing for you. If you can settle for the reporting piece, you could expose a public page in your public portal that displays a report grid from query built to pull all those people in. I'm not sure if Shelby's Group Leader Toolbox allows you to add pages to it, and keep the securities tied to the group leader. I know ours does.

    In short, the only "free" idea I can offer is to craft a SQL query to pull the people you want, and what you want about those people, put it in a Report Grid From Query module somehow linked to your Arena GLT (the key is making sure the group id is in the URL of the page you put it on, so you can make the "report" group specific). You would then have to figure out the best way to provide permission to that module on that page to only let group leaders of that group see it.

    Outside of that, you could get closer to what you are actually wanting by looking into getting help from a custom developer. I hear Kingdom First Solutions is the best. 

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