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Hello!  I attended the MPower Conference in Houston two weeks ago.  Unfortunately, after getting caught up at the office upon my return, I logged into the MPower Website yesterday to download the Arena handouts and they are gone.

Is there anyone out there, who downloaded the handouts, who might be willing to share them with me?

Thank you!!

Melissa Molloy

First Church of God - St. Joseph, MI

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  • Got them!  Thank you, Randy!!  I really enjoyed my first time at the conference.  I had never attended any of the previous Shelby Conferences, either.  I attended, trying to decide if Arena is still right for us or if we should switch to Next Membership.  There is so much to be done with Arena - I came home excited to try using some of the tools available to me!   Thank you, I am hoping to attend again next year!

    We love to hear that! Glad that you were able to attend and experience the event, I know that First Church and those you minister to will benefit from what you've seen and learned. 

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