Mass Tag update

i think I read we can add a bunch of folks to a tag at one time (recent add).  can anyone point me to where to do this? I've got 256 people to update into a tag and would love to try this enhancement

  • Yep. It's not really an enhancement, but Bulk Update was mentioned on the most recent release notes because that page got a design make-over. It was already a pretty long page because of all the options, so with the newest additions the page has been broken down into tabs.

    Click the Bulk Update icon at the bottom of just about any list of names (from Lists, Tags, Groups, etc., it looks like 4 grey squares with heads in them). You can also add names directly to the Bulk Update page, its under Membership (at least, it is by default). Then select what you want to do with those records (in this case, add them to a tag which is on the second tab) and click Update at the bottom of the page.

    When selecting names for bulk update/email/mail merge, its important to understand how the check-boxes work. If you don't check any boxes, you will get all the names in that tag/group/list/whatever that match your current filter. So, if you're looking at a tag and you have Connected people and Inactive people in your filter at the top of the page, then they will all be included. But, often you just want the Connected people, so always glance at your current filter at the top of the tag before clicking one of those icons at the bottom. You can select some people with the check boxes by each name, but be aware that this doesn't work across multiple pages. So, if you have a tag of 1000 people, and want to exclude one person from the email (maybe its a surprise party or something), then be sure your page size is set to larger than the number of people so they all fit on one page when you check the box at the top to select all the names and then un-check the one you want to exclude.

    I hope that helps and makes sense.

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