Here's a couple new dashboard ideas - slide shows and traffic cameras.

As some of you know, we use the 3 column dock container on the home page to allow users to customize what they want to see when they open Arena. I currently have 46 module options that users can add (although due to security constraints, I think there's only a couple of us that can see all 46). It includes attendance summaries, birthday lists, data entry audits, visitation statuses, calendars, facebook updates, all kinds of stuff. Here are our most recent additions...

The one on the left is a slide show with updates about our missionaries. This also runs on a TV in the hallway. For years, we've been using PowerPoint for this, but we re-purposed Arena's Assignments to be a place to upload slides with a date range to indicate when you want each slide included. So, now the TV runs a full screen Arena driven page displaying those slides. This is a mini version of the same slide show, available on the home page dashboard.

The right is a traffic camera pointing to the road that leads to the church. This way we can get a quick glimpse at road conditions. I noticed the camera has a consistent image URL, so I just embedded it on the page. It refreshes each time you load the page, if there's a new image to see.

If anyone wants more information about my dashboards, let me know.

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