Check-in at each classroom vs centralized checkin

Our children's ministry team recently reached out to us with the desire to purchase additional check-in stations and printers for 5-6 classrooms.

Each classroom has between 30-50 students grades 1st-5th, and we think one printer per class should be enough. We currently do pen and paper check-in, enter the attendance retroactively, and manually print off name tags for these students (Avery labels).

For those who have made this switch before, what did you wish you knew or did differently while implementing?

We are currently thinking of going with a windows tablet or all in one device based on feedback ere: and a wired/wireless label printer. 

What device/printer combos are others using right now that seem to work well or not so well?

We are planning to avoid IPads based on feedback in this post (

Based on what I am reading here: and here: we will be avoiding the dymo printers.

For those with stations in each classroom, do you configure the stations to only allow check in to one room or is your setup more flexible?

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