Total Members Count Events with Sub Events

How is the Total Members figured for Events with Sub Events? We noticed on an event that has 4 sub events that the Total Members on the event list is double the actual registrants.

  • On the Event Tags list the event shows Total Members 364.
  • When the event is opened the Registrations tab shows 161 registrations with 182 Registrants.
  • This event has 4 sub events which have Total Members of 30, 10, 133 and 9 = 182 Registrants.

Is the Event Tag list simply doubling the actual Registrant? Is there a way to show the actual Registrant count?

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  • The value you see is the total of people in the current event and all each event underneath it. You see double because each person is registered for one sub event and the main event..  If you had an event were a person could attend 2 sub events (two different time slots for example) you would have 3 on the main tab.

    For the most accurate count currently available for unique attenders, create a list that looks for members of the parent event only.

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