Arena and Multiple/Seasonal Addresses

Has anyone created dated fields to use with multiple/seasonal addresses in Arena. Example: Mr. Smith is at 123 Main street from 01/01 thru 03/31 and at 698 Left Lane from 04/01 trhu 12/31.

Then when creating mailing using the address based on the correct date??!! If so - please contact me!!

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  • Myself and a volunteer worked out a way to create future addresses.

    Follow these steps to setup the automatic conversion of future addresses to become primary addresses after their active date passes.

    1. Create “Future Address” luid
    2. Create a daily job using this script:
      1. Update the following parameters in script to match your system: @AddressTypeFuture, @AddressTypeHome, @AddressTypePrevious, @HistoryType, @OrgID

    This script finds all future addresses based on the future address type luid. If a future address’s “active date” is passed, the script will change the future address to be the primary home address for the corresponding person and any family members. If “previous address” is already present, it deletes the previous address and changes former primary home address to a new previous address. Update of future address and primary address changes are logged in user notes.

    1. Create a new page in Arena “Update Future Address Date”. This will allow admins to update the active date on future addresses without having to use SSMS.
      1. Add “KFS Filter Builder” module to page
        1. Set Filter Directive to (
      2. Add “Report Grid From Query” module to page
        1. Create new stored procedure cust_CCIW_get_save_future_address
          1. Make sure tp update LUID’s in sproc to match your system
        2. Update the module field called Parameters to (@ActiveDate=;@Guid=)

    This page will allow for viewing and updating of future address dates. If you don’t have the KFS Filter Builder module you can pass the active date directly through a URL parameter to the procedure. When no active date is passed the address records won’t be updated. The procedure will update future addresses for all family members.

    As with any custom scripts, verify functionality on a test profile before use. Use transactions with rollback when testing.

    1. Optional – Create a page that allows navigation to the Update Future Address page from any Person Profile

    Page should be created as a tab of profile page. This allows you to pass in a GUID to a dynamic URL

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