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Important Notice for Arena & ShelbyNext Financials Installed Clients - TLS 1.0 not PCI Compliant after June 30th

The TLS 1.0 communication protocol will be considered obsolete and in PCI violation after June 30th 2018. The latest versions of Arena and ShelbyNext Financials have been updated to be compatible with TLS 1.2, which is in compliance. You must be running Arena 2100.2.101 or higher and ShelbyNext Financials 8.7 or higher to ensure that you are not in violation.

Click here to view and download Arena Updates.

Click here to view and download ShelbyNext Financial Updates.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email or contact support at 1-888-My-Shelby.

*Note that Arena and ShelbyNext Financials Hosted Services clients are in full compliance.

Shelby Support