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Shelby Community Announcements, Subscriptions, MPower (formerly ISC) and Local User Groups, etc ...

We've worked with several active Community users who've been unaware of some of its features, so I wanted to push some information to the forefront.

One of the most important features is "My Subscriptions". Select "Yes" under the Subscribe column next to a forum and you'll receive an email alert each time a post is made in that forum. We regularly post important General Community Announcements, as well as platform specific Announcements and Official Notices for Arena, Next, and v5. At a minimum you want to be subscribed to all Shelby Announcements forums.

In addition to the Shelby platform Community groups, there's an "Other" group as well. Here there are several Local User Groups where you can interact with other users in your area. There's also an International Shelby Conference group, the ISC 2018 Memphis TN June 5-8 Roll Call has been started in the ISC Open Forum, head over and introduce yourself and share your plans and goals for the conference. 

See the Community User Guide for more information about using and navigating the Shelby Community. If you have any trouble or need help with your account, please let us know at