What is the Shelby Community?

The Community is your main source for self-help information and an avenue to communicate with other Shelby users to help you and your staff to be more efficient in your ministry.

Benefits of Being a Member:

  • - Be the first to hear about important announcements.
  • - Connect with other Shelby users in the Community. Post questions, get answers, and share ideas.
  • - Stay abreast of local user events and activities in User Groups.
  • - Find answers to your questions in the Knowledge Base and Forums. Search for solutions, instructional information and more.
  • - Free access to the SSTips for How-To procedures and helpful tips and tricks.
  • - Quickly find what you are looking for in the Documentation and Videos Pages.
  • - Download custom queries, drivers and other files.
  • - Receive automatic notification to the forums in which you are subscribed.
  • - Stay connected. Stay informed.

How do I Join:

  • - Simply click on the Log In/Sign Up Avatar located in the top right portion of the Community screen. For detailed instructions and other information, review the Community User Guide document.

Please contact thecommunity@shelbyinc.com if you have any questions or comments.