How do I Modify a Budget in Excel


For various reasons, you may want to modify your budget in Excel. This tutorial guides you through the process of exporting the budget for one department to a spreadsheet, making some changes in Excel, and then importing the file back into the General Ledger.

For a visual tutorial, see the Modify Your Budget in Excel video.


  1. From the General Ledger menu, Select Modify -> Budget Information.

  2. From the Budget Information page, click the Import/Export Budget button in the lower right-hand corner.

  3. Select the Levels (Funds, Departments, etc.) that you would like to export.

  4. Click the Export button. The file "BudgetExport.xlsx" is downloaded.

  5. Open the exported file (BudgetExport.xlsx) in Excel or whatever spreadsheet program you have that allows you to edit the latest version of Excel files.
    NOTE: If using Excel, you may need to click the Enable Editing button.

  6. Enter Periodic (monthly) amounts in each field corresponding to the period name.
    NOTE: All budget figures import as "by Period" unless the amounts are evenly distributed across the periods. In that case, they import as an "Annual" distribution type. Any rounding should be added to the first period. For example: If you enter $34.33 in each period and enter $34.37 to the first period, this account imports as an Annual budget of $412.

  7. Be sure to save your changes.

  8. From the Import/Export page, click the Choose File button on the right-hand side of the page.

  9. Verify that the file chosen is correct and then click the Import button.

  10. The Import Budget window appears and allows you to close if you do not want to import. Click the Import Budget button to import and overwrite the budget figures for the Fiscal Year you are working in.

  11. A notification message appears when your budget is finished importing.

For additional information, visit the Financials Online Help.