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How to Process a Non-Cash Gift to Reduce Pledge Balance


By creating a non-taxable Category and including it on a Pledge Campaign, it is possible to reduce the donor's pledge balance by the amount of non-cash gifts.

Step 1: Create a Non-Cash Category Code

Go to Settings > Giving > Giving Categories and add a new Category as shown in the example below.  Uncheck Tax Deductible and click Save.

Note – This example assumes no other non-taxable revenue is being posted in Giving.  If there are other non-taxable Category Codes then it will be necessary to filter the Category Codes when running statements to avoid printing all non-taxable amounts.

Step 2: Add Non-Cash (Non-Taxable) Category Code to Pledge

Go to Settings > Giving > Pledging and add the Non-Cash (non-taxable) Category Code to the Pledge Campaign as shown.

Step 3: Add Non-Cash (Non-Taxable) Gift to Donor's Record

Since this is a non-cash gift, the purpose is to add it to the donor’s statement to acknowledge the gift and reduce their pledge.  It is not necessary to add this gift in a batch, but it can be if desired.  In this example, the gift will be added on the donor’s page.

Search for the donor by name then click on their Giving tab.  Click on the Gear and choose Add Giving Entry. 

Filter the donor's Giving page to include Tax Deductible Status "All"

The donor’s Giving Summary shows all gifts, along with correct pledged and giving totals.

Resulting Donor Statement

*Instructions provided by Carmen Dea, Shelby Consultant Trainer