Inactive Registrant in Event Tag

What circumstance would cause a person who registers for an event to be placed into the tag in an INACTIVE STATUS?? 


Had 5 or 6 people register for camp.  We could SEE the registration but the registrant was INACTIVE.  Unfortunately, the filter was only filtering Connected, so the count of campers was OFF, which is a really big deal.


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  • Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I see you found the answer through the module setting descriptions. Default behavior is to not allow inactive records to register. If someone logs in with an inactive record and tries to register for an event in this case, they get a message telling them their account is inactive and to contact church administration (you can configure this message). Whenever we introduce new functionality or features into our modules, we try to default the behavior of the new functionality to behave as it did before the feature was added. This is in an effort to minimize unexpected behavior changes for customers already actively using the modules. In this case, neither option directly aligned with existing functionality, so we had to choose one as default. We chose to default to blocking inactive records because out of the two modes it is the one that doesn't actually change data in the DB.

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