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In light of the COVID-19 situation, our church is looking to see if there's any way for parents to check their children in without needing to use a central kiosk. We were theorizing parents could perhaps use their smart device once on campus to check their children in, and then pick up the label at a central location. This would hopefully reduce the amount of people making physical contact with kiosks.

Has anybody tried to make something like this work in Arena, or maybe implemented a completely different system to accomplish the same goal?


Kind Regards,

Cameron Randolph
Johnson Ferry Baptist Church

  • I'm curious how churches are handling a few things in regards to mobile (from the parking lot/their own device) check-in:

    1. How are you making sure it's "secure"? We currently have parents use their phone number for check-in, but when they put less than their whole number several families show up. Is anyone doing any additional steps (alternate ID numbers, for example) to make sure that people are only being offered their OWN family for check-in? If I remember correctly, the KFS one remembers the phone number AFTER entry for a set period of time defined by cookies in the user's browser, but it doesn't auto-grab the mobile number from the device being used, correct? Anyone have any additional suggestions here?

    2. Printing: I THINK you can print to a networked printer (since Arena manages the printing) using a web-based check-in module like the KFS one, but not a "kiosk-connected" printer. Can anyone confirm?

    3. Our children's pastors ask about the "did they make it to the classroom" issue a lot when processing remote/not right in front of the room check-in. Their concern with parking lot/own device check-in is that parents would check in children who A) didn't actually attend with them or B) came but never made it to the classroom for one reason or another. This creates attendance discrepancies, but also can be complicated if there's an emergency (Arena says Jimmy has checked in, but I don't have a sticker for him--is he here or a was it a mistake?). Does anyone with check-in centers that are far away from children's classrooms (either on parent's devices OR stations that are physically distant from classrooms) have any thought to share on this front?
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