KFS All Access: Custom Arena Module subscription

In an effort to bring as many custom Arena tools into the reach of as many Arena clients as possible, we have launched a single all-inclusive monthly subscription. Our new KFS All Access subscription provides your church/organization with access to every custom Arena module Kingdom First Solutions currently supports. See our website for a full list of our supported module offerings (kingdomfirstsolutions.com/Arena). We are offering this new service for $139/month with no contractual term obligations.

Interested? Let us know by sending an email to sales@kingdomfirstsolutions.com.

Already a Kingdom First Solutions client with questions about how this might benefit you, or affect your current KFS module subscription? Feel free to submit your questions to sales@kingdomfirstsolutions.com or our Slack Arena community if you already have access to it.

We look forward to helping your church get the most out of Arena!


P.S. This post was made with the permission of Shelby Systems.

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  • The KFS All Access package is now available in the Arena hub. Anyone can download our entire suite from there. It will require a subscription with Kingdom First Solutions to enable the modules. For those who are already KFS clients and using our Control Panel for maintaining your solutions have no need to download the hub package at this time. You can continue to use our Control Panel until further notice.

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