How do Previous Email stats function?

I sent an email individually to 56 people. I have added 's email summary SPROC so see the stats for the top 10 emails sent so could see everyone of those folks had read/opened my email. The information was time sensitive so I went through the other 46 emails on the Previous page. As I did that I sure wished I had that summary SPROC set so I could have seen all my messages that way instead of opening each one.

As I checked, I found 3 of the 56 with a Read Count/Total Open Count of 0. I called each one to check and see if it had been received. All 3 had received it and printed the attachment provided for them.

How do the email statistics get the info for each email? What would cause a few of those to report incorrectly? The three domains were different for each person, gmail, a work place and a cable company.

Sometimes I see that a person has read an email 27 times or some interestingly high read count. I would like to understand better how this works so I read the results as they are intended. Are they accurate or just give a general idea? Thanks!

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