How do Previous Email stats function?

I sent an email individually to 56 people. I have added 's email summary SPROC so see the stats for the top 10 emails sent so could see everyone of those folks had read/opened my email. The information was time sensitive so I went through the other 46 emails on the Previous page. As I did that I sure wished I had that summary SPROC set so I could have seen all my messages that way instead of opening each one.

As I checked, I found 3 of the 56 with a Read Count/Total Open Count of 0. I called each one to check and see if it had been received. All 3 had received it and printed the attachment provided for them.

How do the email statistics get the info for each email? What would cause a few of those to report incorrectly? The three domains were different for each person, gmail, a work place and a cable company.

Sometimes I see that a person has read an email 27 times or some interestingly high read count. I would like to understand better how this works so I read the results as they are intended. Are they accurate or just give a general idea? Thanks!

  • Someone who understands it better may chime in, but I believe there's something like a single pixel image added to the email and when the email is opened it asks the Arena server to download that image. When it does, the server takes note. If someone is reading the email somewhere that isn't automatically downloading images, it would not get recorded. The unusually high numbers are a little odd; not sure what causes that.

    So, I would not assume these stats are perfectly accurate but to give a general idea and see trends.

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