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HELP!  I am new in my church office position.  I am going to be the new "Arena Master" (Global Admin) and I have no idea where to begin!  I did a couple hours of training and know basic data management.  My head pastor told me we should be able to add all kinds of information to our dashboard but I have no idea where to find a step by step on how to do this.  Is anyone able to guide a new user to find step by step on how to set up Dashboard, connect our website to Arena, etc. 

  • We've all been there, so we're happy to help. I have led workshops on building Arena dashboards so I know a thing or two about that. I'd be happy to chat sometime and show you some things you can do as well. Latter part of the week tends to be quieter for me. My contact info should also be in my profile. Welcome!

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