Creating Occurrences

Has anyone figured out how to create the same manual occurrence(s) for more multiple small groups. We're haven't gotten to the point of using Check In for our adult groups and I have to create occurrences by one group at a time. It would be so nice to set up the occurrence and then select the small groups to apply it.

Thank you!

  • You can do this with "Frequency". This creates occurrences automatically as each time comes. You can set it up at the Attendance Type Category level and choose which Attendance Types to apply it to. Just be sure the Create Occurrences Agent is running.

    This does not work well if it's to print an attendance sheet to be filled out at class, as most of these reports require the occurrences to be created first and the Frequency feature doesn't create the occurrence until just before it's needed. But, it works great for check-in.

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