Event Tag - Owner Notification

Is there a way to add multiple "Owners" on an event tag? We have some events where multiple people should be notified when someone registers. I know I could add the additional individuals to the 'CC' or BCC' fields in the Event Registration Notification system email but this would result in those individuals receiving notifications for all events which is not necessary or desired.


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  • We have the same situation. We decided to create some key ministry related licensed email addresses to accomplish notifying multiple people. It means a team type profile needs to be created in Arena. Middle School is one like this. In Arena there is a business/organization profile called Middle School Ministry. The licensed email, middleschool@...org is on that record.

    Now, that record can be used as the owner of an Event. We use O365 so for that email address I set the Mail for Read and manage permissions to allow each of the team members access to that user. They add the user to their Outlook so they see the Inbox for Middle School Ministry. Everyone on the team has access to responses to Events.

    Depending on your email provider, there are likely steps to take to allow people to see the inbox.

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