Mysterious Event Registration Glitches

Hello there,

Has anybody else who is using Arena seen people be able to register for events without selecting sub-events, without making payments, or making duplicate payments? There have been quite a few people who've encountered one or multiple of these issues while registering via our public website. We're using the WebControls variants of the modules, and are on Arena 2400.2.100.38805.

To date, I have not been able to replicate the issue, and I've stress tested those pages every way I can think. To me, the registration system seems pretty rock solid. Any thoughts on the matter would be appreciated.


Kind Regards,

Cameron Randolph

  • We have experienced some odd glitches with Event registration. The problem is copying an old Event that is from a previous version of Arena. The modules for older Events are not compatible with the current Event modules. I'm not sure what changed but it would have been about summer 2019 when there was a major change.

    I have been working with my staff to make sure they start fresh when creating Events. Even though many of our events use the current module it seems like someone manages to find and copy one that is too old. We don't notice any issues until registrations start flowing in. It really isn't that much more work to start fresh.

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