Policy with dealing with children of Divorced Parents

Just curious if anyone had a policy or procedure on how to handle children of divorced parents.


  • If one parent is the one who brings the child, that is the household/family that we put the child in.  The other parent is set with a relationship of Parent and a second relationship of Can CheckIn (if applicable).  Our emailing of parents includes both the "household" parent and the "Can CheckIn" parent.  Various reports, security measures, etc. have been modified to include that second parent when there aren't any official "no contact" legal documents.  With that "Can CheckIn" relationship, the second parent is included in on everything as if they were all in the same "household" (family).  Every situation is unique.  We have some parents who are divorced and have joint custody but both attend.  In that case, we just had to arbitrarily pick one household for the child to be in, but both parents are communicated with and listed equally everywhere that something is printed, emailed, etc.

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